Pilates strengthens your muscles, improves your flexibility and posture as well as making you more aware of your body.

The Pilates method involves 9 key principles. Breathing, Concentration, Control, Centering, Precision, Balanced Muscle Development, Rhythm, Whole Body Movement and Relaxation.

Breathing through out each exercise keeps you aware and alert on what you are doing as well as improving the flow of oxygen to your tissues and improving your lungs capacity. So breathe, inhale and exhale, never hold your breath.

Paying attention to the exercise being performed as well as being control at all times. All movements in Pilates begins from your center, keep your core engaged at all times. Proper form and being able to perform the exercises comes with practice, so keep up with your training.
The more you practice this method, maintaining correct alignment will become second nature and as a result less aches and pains.
Pilates exercises are graceful, flowing from one exercise into the next. Your entire body is moving as a whole, finally releasing any tension in your body resulting in feeling relaxed.

In the end keep up with your Pilates training, it will truly transform your life.

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