As an instructor and a runner, I have benefited greatly from this method. Pilates has made my spine and core more flexible, I recover a lot faster from long runs as well as from injuries. I am able to use the first of the nine Pilates principles, which is breathing to run longer.

Pilates improves your posture by developing a strong core, it improves pelvic stability, it strengthens the muscles of the hips, as well as the shoulder girdle. This translates into better balance and stability along with better running technique therefore less chance of injury.

Here are a few Pilates exercises that will benefit runners:

On the Mat exercises

Side leg lifts
Single leg circles
Seated Spine Twist
Rolling like a ball
The abdominal series

Exercise on the Reformer

Single leg footwork
Feet in straps
Side splits

Pilates does not disappoint. If you are interested in learning more and discovering how Pilates can help you be a more efficient runner, feel free to email me at [email protected].

Have a great day.

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