How often do you think about your feet? Not often right, unless it begins to hurt. I came across an article in the NY Times which covers this topic.
Here is the link:

Included in the article is a link to the foot and ankle institute, which covers stretches that should be included daily in your routine. You have to be committed to performing on a regular basis.

Another reason/ incentive to keep running IT IS AN EYE OPENER.
What do I mean? Running could reduce your risk of macular degeneration, which is a leading cause of vision loss, accordiing to the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Study. Logging 5 or more miles daily could decrease your chances of vision loss by 54%. The reason for this is running appears to lower levels of an inflammatory protein that may lead to the disease. Walking daily for 30 minutes or more yields similar benefits.

Just remember if you are going to outside wear sunscreen and UV protective shades.

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