I just love avocados so when I came across some information about them I had to share it with you all. They are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants found in the retina that keep your eyes healthy. They contain Oleic Acid which is a healthy fat that many believe can be used to lower bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol. A study from The Ohio State University found that people absorbed four and a half times more the cancer fighter lycopene from tomatoes when they added avocados because the healthy fats found in this powerhouse helps you absorb more nutrients. It contains potassium which protects your heart and arteries, folate, as well as vitamins C and E. I add avocados to soup, put it on top of toast, add it to my salads etc.

Here is a trail mix I like to make for myself. 1/4c dried cranberries 1/4c slivered almonds 1/4c peanuts 4 dates and 4 apricots, chopped 5 whole walnuts, chopped Not too fancy but delicious.

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