I tried 2 new products this week and thought I would share and let you know.  The first is Burghul Pilaf, which is a traditional Mediterranean dish made  from cracked wheat and cooked in tomato sauce.  They make this be steaming the whole wheat kernel, drying it and then removing part of the bran and cracking the remaining kernel into small pieces.  This dish has nutty flavour and it is very tasty.   It can be prepared by microwaving for 2 minutes or immersing the pouch in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.    I will be buying this again.  Here is the link to their website:  http://www.ziyad.com

Have you tried any new products?

The next product is from Sami’s Bakery in Tampa.  It is there Millet and Flax bread. Absolutely delicious.   They make desserts, pizza dough, crackers, croutons, pita bread etc.   I bought this product at my local health food store along with their Millet Cinnamon Raisin bread. I will review soon. If you live in Tampa they also have a dine in restaurant and retail store.  Here is a link to their website http://www.samisbakery.com

What is your favorite bread?

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