bigstockphoto_Chocolate_Craving_16174-200x300Cravings explained.

While flipping through a health magazine I came across an interesting chart.  The chart explains what your craving means, and then it gives healthy food choices to satisfy the craving. Here it is below:

If you crave:  Chocolate you need Magnesium. Healthy food choices include: Raw nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits.

If you crave: Sugar you need Chromium and other trace minerals (Including carbon. phosphorus, and sulfur), tryptophan. Healthy food choices:  Broccoli, (and other cruciferous vegetables), grapes, cheese, dried beans, chicken, eggs, fruits, dairy products, legumes, whole grains, sweet potatoes.

If you crave:  Carbohydrates you need Nitrogen and protein. Healthy food choices: High protein foods, fish, meat, poultry, nuts beans.

If you crave: Salty foods you need Chloride, sodium, iodine. Healthy food choices: Raw goat’s milk, fish, unrefined sea salt, sea vegetables.

If you crave: Dairy foods you need Calcium. Healthy food choices: Dark leafy greens, broccoli, legumes, cheese, sesame seeds.

If you crave: Fatty foods you need Good fats. Healthy food choices: Flax oils or seeds, olive oil, fatty fish (baked or steamed) Source

Another reason to get fit………….. According to a 20 year study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, the more fit you are, the longer you are likely to live. Researchers found that the risk of death among the fit was less than one quarter the risk facing the least fit. Try and do something active everyday.  Split your day into 4 ten minute segments, take the stairs, walk the dog etc. BERRIES, BERRIES, BERRIES… (High in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals)

According to Edward Group 111, DC, ND the top 7 berries are: Acai Goji berries Bilberries Blackberries Blueberries Cherries Strawberries. Source

Stay healthy and fit.

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