As active people we sometimes have difficulty finding the “perfect” workout apparel.  Over the next few weeks I will be featuring athletic wear from various companies. These items can be worn by runners, cyclists, Pilates enthusiasts, walkers etc.

First up is ellasport according to their website “At ellasport, we make technical athletic apparel that makes you look and feel amazing”. Who doesn’t want to look amazing when working out.   Oh and cute.:)

Here are a few pieces I like:

Chloe Long -Sleeve Tee The back of the Chloe Long -Sleeve Tee
 chloe-long-sleeve-tee-19967  chloe-long-sleeve-tee-382-back


Stanton Sport Tank back view which I love.
stanton-464-201x300 stanton-485-BACK1


We all need a Workout Skirt


power-capris-712Power Capris power-capris-712 Don’t you just love the design on the leg? Notice their logo?  The four petals represent desire, power, strength, and femininity.

You should check out the website, while you are there watch the behind the scenes video of the photoshoot.





What are your workout plans for the week?

 I will be doing  a little of this:    And this:
control-balance woman-running
 And this:   And this:
 wt-lifting  ballet-barre

Though not as graceful:) And this:


Eating a lot of this:                  And this:
 fruits-y2wo_small1  veges-in-basket

And drinking lots of this:


Have a great week.

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