Cycling is a fantastic aerobic exercise or sport that will help build and maintain your cardiovascular health.  But riding for prolonged periods of time can stress the body, causing low back pain, tension in the shoulders, and strain on the wrists, as well as feeding muscular imbalances.   Because cycling is a lower body dominant exercise, the upper body and core is often neglected in training. Cyclists need to train their core muscles to support their spine to maintain the proper riding position for the duration of their ride.  A strong core will help the cyclist generate more power in his or her pedaling rate. Pilates will help a cyclists over all flexibility, core strength, improve their balance, Pilates will also help to correct muscular imbalances and improve your posture and create balnce and stability in the scapula.

Pilates exercises to include in your training:


Part 1

The Hundred

The Roll up

The Plank

The Pilates Swan

Pilates Swimming

The Spine Twist

The Teaser

Single leg kick

Double leg kick

The Pilates Pushup


Giveaway time!!!!!!!!!!!!! The very generous Mary at Total Fitness DVDS has agreed to giveaway a  Gaiam Pilates Sculpt and Tone 2 DVD Set and CD to Jodie Pilates reader.


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Contest will close  midnight Friday April 9th 2010. Open to US residents only.

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