Hi guys, I thought I would share my ‘no-excuse’ workout with you this wonderful Monday afternoon. It really gets you going and you will sweat a ton. If you are limited on time you can perform the routine once, however the goal is to repeat 2-3 times.  As always check with your doctor before starting an exercise routine.

No-Excuses Staircase Workout: Staircase workout (body weight routine)

No excuse workout, if you can’t make it to the gym or just short on time. Go up and down your staircase 4 times total for warm up At the bottom of the staircase 30 Jumping Jacks Skip 1 stair (aka lunges) once at the top 15 full body push ups Jog to the bottom 12 Each high knees Side crossover steps to the top walk down and switch sides to the top 12 Jump squats Catch your breath and walk to the bottom 16 Triceps dips using the second step Stay at the bottom 20 Abdominal in and outs Skip 1 stair (aka lunges) to the top 16 Butt kicks into 16 High knees Catch your breath by walking to the bottom Mountain climbers placing hands on 2nd or 3rd step Stay here 12 Bulgarian Squats on each leg Run to the top 10 Burpees in to 20 Plie Squats Walk down 15 each Reverse  lunges 1 Incline Plank (hold 1 minute) 10 Decline Push ups Run to the top Jump Rope 1-2 minutes Walk to the bottom 16 Second step forward lunge (right leg) with (left leg) glute lift and squeeze 10 Box jumps on to last step Run up the stairs 15 at the top static hold Plie squat position with hands behind head side bends Walk down 15 Side step ups into side leg lifts 12 Curtsey Lunges  with 8 pulses at the bottom Rest 1-3 minutes and repeat 2-3 times Walk in place for a cool down and stretch If you tried it , I would love to know.

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