P1010652As promised here is my DVD review. There are 3 workouts on 1 DVD, plus a toning band, which is used quite often through out the workout, either looping it around the ankle or wrist.   Marisa Tomei is “lead” through the workout by her fitness trainer Key Son, who is known as a “secret weapon” for celebrities needing to prepare their bodies for the big screen, according to the DVD.

The DVD is divided into 3 sections:

Body Definition (20 minutes) which is designed to work the entire body.  Lots of glute and hip work in this section, mixed in with some balance training and an abdominal section which really worked my abs.   Yes, I am feeling it today. 🙂

Best Legs Workout (15minutes) 

Ten Moves in Ten (10 minutes) this section has a little balance work. Cons: There is no cardio on this DVD, although the trainer and description says there is and there is  not much interaction between Marisa and her trainer. He was not very encouraging, maybe he was nervous. Cons: Marisa leads you through a warm up and cool down section, which I would recommend you do your own, it is not enough of warm up for all the hip and glute work in the. She also bounced quite a lot when stretching which we all know is not supposed to be done. I actually did all the workouts as one session, but you can always split them up. I liked the exercises in this workout and the band was a bonus, so many other exercises I can do with this band. I also liked balance “challenge” with a few of the exercises.  I will keep this DVD in my library and use after my runs or use it on an easy, mellow workout day. But if you are expecting a super upbeat training session, this DVD does not have it, nor will you sweat buckets.

Who is your favorite celebrity trainer and celebrity fitness star?

If you try the DVD and like it, I would love to hear comments.

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