I don’t know about you but I love exercises that work more than one muscle.  Here are 2 to try:

Stability Ball Plank/ Thigh Circles

Works adductors ( inner thighs) and core.

Kneel on all 4’s wrists under shoulders, and  knees under hips. Place the knee closest to the ball on it.  Keep your abs tight, lift in a plank position and use your knees to make small circles with the ball.  Do 2-3 sets 20 circles in each direction.



Superman Banana

Works chest, back, abs and arms

Lie on your stomach with your arms out infront of you, legs behind you. Lift upper and lower body 6 inches off the floor  and hold for a count 5.

Then roll on to your back, arms and legs still lifted and hold for another count of 5. Then roll back onto your stomach and repeat.  Continue for a minute.



Another multitasker:

The Amazing 37 minute Workout 

A  few recipes from one of my fav’s:

Indian Wrap

Zucchini Alfredo

Have a great week everyone.


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