Houston, TX – Jodie Fontenot of Jodie Pilates Houston announced today that she has recently satisfied all the requirements to teach Pilates to breast cancer survivors through the Pink Ribbon program for Post-Operative Workout Enhancing Recovery as a Post Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist out of her northwest Houston studio located in the Willowbrook area of Houston TX.


Fontenot has been a personal trainer since 2004 and a Pilates instructor in the northwest Houston, Spring and Cypress areas for several years, however this certification will allow her to be of more value to her patients that are breast cancer survivors. “I am excited about how I will be able to effectively help breast cancer survivors increase their mobility and increase their chances of continuing to stay cancer free”, says Fontenot. She teaches pilates to her clients in a private fitness facility located in Northwest Houston near Willowbrook Mall.


“Breast cancer patients can definitely benefit from Pilates,” says Fontenot. How? Although every breast cancer patient is different and Pilates will work different for each patient, however some common benefits that come from adding Pilates to the road to full recovery from breast cancer include:


Help Rebuild Strength
If a breast cancer patient has surgery to remove the cancer or take the breast off, they will lose the strength in their arm and on that side of the body. Taking Pilates twice a week will help rebuild that strength. Some patients are not able to pick their arm up over their head, which prevents them from doing simple things like washing their hair and putting clothes on. With Pilates, the patient can often regain shoulder mobility and strength.


Improved Circulation
After having surgery, circulation in the body often times become poor. Poor circulation is not good for the body and can easily cause blood clots which will only cause more problems. Taking Pilates classes will help with the circulation in the body. Pilates is often very effective in helping improve circulation.


Less Chance of Breast Cancer Returning
Taking Pilates after you have had surgery reduces the chances of you getting breast cancer again. The Pilates will help heal the body and your chances of recurring cancer will be less.


Fontenot of Jodie Pilates in Houston TX, who has been helping a variety of personal training and pilates clients for 7 years, says “it is important for post-operative breast cancer survivors to seek the advice of a physician before starting any exercise program. In addition, it is also highly recommended to seek out pilates instructors who have achieved specialized training to help post-operative breast cancer survivors.”


Since Fontenot customizes each routine for each individual client, this allows her to focus her specialized knowledge on the unique needs of every person she instructs. Since incorrect form can often cause injury, it is generally not recommended for one to try the exercises unattended without the benefit of a Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist.


For more information about the services Jodie Pilates of Houston TX provides, please visit the website at JodiePilates.com.

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