Ten or Thirty Minutes

I always plan or  write out my workouts for  the week on a Sunday night. I have been doing this for a long time and it  keeps me committed, accountable and focused. However, every once in a while  I lack that ‘yes I am going to the gym mojo”.

I am sharing this to let you know that even trainers have those days. I completely understand the ” lack of motivation” or “the just not feeling it today” mood.  I get it! I also know, that sometimes just pushing yourself a little (with in reason, obviously if you are sick then rest) and  by committing to exercising for ten or thirty minutes that day your  mind  and body will thank you and, you will feel so much better. These shorter sessions can be as simple as going for a walk or dancing in your living room. They don’t have to be anything fancy, the key is to move. Movement heals.

Let me know in the comments some of  your tips to get your workout in when its “one of those days”.